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Welcome to the page of Jazzotopes - a Montréal based group of international musicians, playing Nordic jazz fusion.... 

Jazzotopes carry the message of universal love, peace and appreciation of the nature... Come see and meet Jazzotopes at one of their shows - it will be a magical travel through the colourful landscapes of the soul!

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Bienvenu sur la page des Jazzotopes - un groupe multiculturel de musiciens basés à Montréal mêlant Jazz, fusion et inspirations sonores nordiques.

Les jazzotopes portent en eux un message universel d’amour de paix et d’harmonie avec la nature. Venez découvrir et rencontrer les Jazzotopes durant une de leur représentation : un voyage unique et magique au cœur de vos émotions.

Photo: Northern lights in Estonia by Silver Gutmann

Mari solo show in FULL in youtube! 

Découvrez la spectacle solo de Mari Sild à le lancement de CD de Chanda M - le Novembre 12, 2016, à Vitrola, Montréal.
Discover FULL solo show by Mari at Chanda M EP launch show on Nov 12, 2016, Vitrola, Montreal.
30 min Mari soolokontsert nüüd internetis!! Vaadake ja nautige!! :)  


Europe tour in planning!! 

Yes, Jazzotopes music will go to Europe again!! Details to be announced soon. If you have special wishes where you would like to see Jazzotopes, don't hesitate to drop us a line! ... http://jazzotopes.com/contact          Photo: Matt Eastwood

Jah, Mari viib Jazzotoopide muusika taaskord Euroopasse... Kui Sul on erisoove, kus tahaksid Jazzotoope näha - palun anna meile sellest teada, näiteks kontaktilehe kaudu. http://jazzotopes.com/contact

Oui, la musique de Jazzotopes va voyager en Europe - de nouveau! Ou voulez-vous voir les Jazzotopes? Laissez-nois savoir ;)   http://jazzotopes.com/contact

Jazzotopes youtube channel! 

In addition to many videos in youtube that are posted by our wonderful fans, Jazzotopes has a youtube channel now, featuring latest and hottest of Mari Sild and Jazzotopes!!!

Subscribe:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo8XnqWB-r8zIgMh4eSzodg

Lisaks meie fantastiliste fännide ja sõprade postitatud videotele on Jazzotoopidel nüüd ka oma youtube'i kanal!! Uuemad ja kuumemad videod Jazzotoopide ja Mari Silla tegemistest:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo8XnqWB-r8zIgMh4eSzodg

Jazzotopes live at the CIBL radio - podcast and photos! 

Bon temps à CIBL Radio à Dec 7! Merci énormément à Aida Kamar, la presentatrice superbe de Vision Diversité à CIBL. Merci à le Affreux Disiaque, le autre groupe qui va jouer à Balattou à Dec 11 avec nous!! Vous pouvez écouter tout le emission (qui était direct), aussi les performances live radiophoniques ici: 


Jazzotopes live at the CIBL radio! 

In preparation for the next Jazzotopes show on Dec 11th at the legendary Balattou Club, Jazzotopes will be at the CIBL radio this Sunday, Dec 7!!
With the friendly reggae-rock duo Affreux Disiaque  ... revealing interviews and live music from our hearts -- direct on air.....
Tune in at 2.30 PM (EST), CIBL , 101.5 Vision Diversité with Aida Kamar!!!! 

Jazzotopes et Affreux Disiaque live à radio CIBL - Vision Diversité avec Aida Kamar! 7 Decembre, 14.30.  Entrevues et musique live!

To our wonderful supporters for Jazzotopes fundraising. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Jazzotopes fundraising!!!
We felt so much love.... it is incredible...
We made over $2000 in total, and this will be in use to record our full-lenght album soon - planned during 2014-early 2015.  The costs for the album are surely higher than $2000, since we will do it with top-notch quality, but your support forms a very significant, important and motivational part of it!

Thank you SO much and see you in the music soon!
Yours, Jazzotopes

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